Summer might be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean we can’t savor floral elements one last time. For my latest DIY project, I used crepe paper streamer to create a set of DIY crepe paper flower place card holders. These beauties are ideal for sprucing up a wedding or end-of-summer bash. The best part is that they are amazingly easy to customize; simply use paint in your favorite color combo for a design that’s all your own. Keep reading to learn how to make them!


For wrapping the wire holder in this crepe paper flower project, I used an essential oil bottle. It was the perfect size for creating average-sized place card holders. Because the mouth is smaller in diameter than the rest of the bottle, it was the ideal item for this project. You can use any stiff plastic, metal, or glass cylindrical item or bottle that you have on hand. If you don’t have an essential oil bottle, try a nail polish bottle. Alternatively, you can also use two different separate items.

The rhinestones are totally optional. This is just another way to add depth and dimension to the paper flowers. You can use buttons, flat back studs, or any other embellishments that you have on hand.

Step 1. Tightly wrap the wire around the bottle.

Step 2. Remove the wire from the bottle. Using the cutter portion of the pliers, trim the wire about 5-6 inches from the loop you just created.

Step 3. Wrap the other end around the thinner end of the bottle.

Step 4. Bend the wire so that the straight portion lays across the larger bottom circle.

Step 5. Position the wire so that it bends at the point where the straight area and large circle meet. Basically, you are bending the wire upward.

Step 6. Tighten the smaller circle loop. This is where the name card will be placed later on.

Step 7. To make the the DIY crepe paper flower you will accordion fold the crepe paper streamer. For one flower, 4-5 folds should do the trick. The width of each fold will determine the final size of the flower. For this project, each fold was about 2 1/2 inches wide. Regardless of how big or small you make your folds, make sure it is consistent throughout the entire accordion fold.

Step 8. Through the layers, creating a circle with wavy edges.

Step 9. Separate the layers of crepe paper. Apply paint to the edges. Add an accent color, if you’d like. To blend the colours together, use a little extra water. Use less water for more saturated shades.

Step 10. Glue 4-5 crepe paper pieces together, stacking them one on top of the other. All you need is a small dot of hot glue in between each layer. Crumple up the edges to create depth and dimension. At this point, you can hot glue an embellishment to the center.

Step 11. Hot glue the DIY crepe paper flower to the smaller circular wrap of the wire holder. Make sure to leave the opening of the wire clear of glue; this is where the place card will be held.

Step 12. Write names on pieces of paper and insert in the place card holders. Repeat Steps 1-11 to create the remaining holders.